Astro-naught Project

Astro-naught is a short project inspired by the work of Jeremey Geddes. Created using mixed media and digital techniques.

You can view the project on Behance here

Upcoming Project Update 03

Third update to my biggest, most experimental project to date. I've been experimenting more with graphite and textures to build up a layering process in my work. This preview is part of a graphic novel that will form the introduction to the project.

TBC, 2016-17

Album Cover Design 2016 - Part 2

Further progress on the album artwork for Repair? Repair!

Releasing August, 2016

Album Cover Design 2016 - Part 1

Took the time out to work on a good friends solo music project titled Repair? Repair! The project consists of an album cover design, various pieces of social media graphics and unique illustrations representative of each track. Keep an eye out for this ambient, space themed number!

Releasing August, 2016

Upcoming Project Update 02

Second update to my biggest, most experimental project to date. The past few months have taught me a lot about how to work in 3D, how to pose and even animate models. Here is a small sample of what you can expect from this ambitious project.

TBC, 2016

Upcoming Project Update 01

The past year or so has seen the rise and development of a brand new and experimental project focusing on personal themes centred around what it means to be human. The project presents various negative issues and converts them into positive ones in the hope of inspiring viewers to overcome their own challenges from a fresh perspective. 

This is a mixed media project and 3D, motion graphics and sequential art can be expected alongside regular illustration and graphic design elements.

TBC, 2016

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