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        1. Xiangyang Auto Bearing Co., Ltd

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          The company held the 54 youth awards

          Author:襄阳轴承   Date:2016-5-4 15:14:07  Clicks:5472

          On May 4th ,the company held 2016 annual 54youth in office building 116 conference room , chairman Gao Shaobing remarksthe young workers should have the sense of responsibility, have the courage tochallenge ,dare to take on more greater responsibility. Company leaders Zhang lei,Jia Mengfei, Wang Guanbing, He Yixing, Yan Weiguo, Peng Zili,attend the meeting, deputy party secretary, secretary of the commission fordiscipline inspection Jia Mengfei read out onthe recognition of "top ten young workers" and "outstandingmember" decision ", a total of 32 good employees and four leagueawards, for the award on behalf of the company leadership awarded honorarycertificates and bonuses, won the prize on behalf of the published "May4th" speech.

          At rhe meeting , chairman Gao, fully affirmed theachievements of young workers ,and congratulated the winners. Gao pointed outthat the young man full of youthful spirit, dare to think, learn to accept newthings  is  the hope and future of ZXY

          With the a majority of young workers efforts and hard work,the future of ZXY is bright.

          Gao wish to put forward three points: first to haveideals and beliefs, as well. Second, would like to do, know how to do, and dothe job rightly. Third, to post the accomplishment, determined to become high Chairmanstressed the organization of the Communist Youth League is a mass organizationof advanced youth China the leadership of the Communist Party. should becomethe leader of the Youth League and the example, companies should strive for theyouth, growth and progress to create conditions for every youth, to help everymember youth continue to step in. I believe in our joint Efforts, ZXY must bemore beautiful, the young generation also can grow to be a man of tremendous inZXY