Project OpenLab

Client: Radium Audio
Project: OpenLab: Print, Web Design, Marketing

Project OpenLab is an ongoing massive recruitment campaign that I spearheaded the visual design and branding for. The aim was to source world wide talent in sound design and music composition by launching an attractive and engaging project that would allow people to respond to two specifically designed briefs and to upload their work for review with the goal of attaining employment with Radium. I was trusted with coming up with an original branding theme based upon ‘Open’ and ‘Lab’. 

Various Logo formats for OpenLab

Since this project was open to the world and that an element of craft and a science of sound was involved I settled upon a scientific theme which has since become a staple theme in Radium’s later projects. Numerous globes and text written in multiple languages across various media including print, web and video advertisements gives the impression of the fact that the project is open to everyone around the world, no restrictions. My involvement began with the design of the logo and branding before progressing on to the artwork of the two briefs which spanned two contrasting topics of sound design. My illustration skills were used once again to create colourful and engaging artwork to inspire candidates in their work and to give them a visual guide as to the theme that they would be responding to. Much of the work was created in Illustrator and Photoshop CC. I later used After Effects and Premiere pro CC to create animations and video advertisements that would act as tutorials to inform candidates what OpenLab was about, what they needed to do and what they would gain in return.

Poster Designs for the two OpenLab Projects: Fairy Garden and Mech Zone

A handy PDF site map that I pitched and designed was included in a downloadable format as a guide so users could navigate the site and understand easily and quickly what was included in the download packages. This can be seen above. In regard to the website I solely designed the layout and content, relying on feedback from the creative director to develop it further. Once the designs had been approved I worked with and directed a web developer to put this together functionally. I learned much of digital design in this way which has led me to undertake a coding course in my spare time. 

Details of the two posters

Fairy Garden Illustrated Logo Text

Mech Zone Illustrated Logo Text

Fairy Garden Website Header

Mech Zone Website Header

Fairy Garden and Mech Zone Website Button Tabs

OpenLab Site Map - designed as a downloadable PDF

OpenLab was a very enjoyable project to work on with Radium Audio. Hundreds upon hundreds of applicants applied and sent in their sound design compositions. The project can be viewed here.

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