Original Painting vs Design

François Truffaut Magazine Illustration

This was a commission for Manuel de Uso Cultural Magazine. The brief was to illustrate filmmaker François Truffaut for the article. I needed to match the colours of the article in my image but the style was left to up to me.

Linkin Park Design Contest

I have submitted a design for Linkin Park's The Hunting Party competition.

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Commissioned Work

Illustrator: Tom J Manning
Art Direction: Felipe Telles

ESFERA Br MIDIA came to me asking for a brand new re-design of their previous years marathon advertisements. These new images are to be used in websites and magazines to promote the 2014/2015 Circuito Sudamericano 21K. They gave me free reign over the project so I had a lot of fun but it was important that the runners be mixed in with various elements from the three cities that the marathon would take place: Buenos Aires, Florianópolis and São Paulo. I had a lot of fun working on these pieces to make them energetic and I learnt lots of new techniques. The client was very happy with the results.

View the project HERE